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Summer Camp at Westridge

Westridge Farms Summer Camps offer students a unique experience to learn the ins and outs of horse care, riding, veterinary and farrier visits, equine inspired arts and crafts and water activities with a 10 person capacity to ensure quality attention to each participant. While at Camp Westridge, attendees will participate in both private and semi private riding lessons with one of our qualified Instructors.

Beginners will gain a strong foundation to build from, and more advanced participants will be challenged to improve upon their ability. Barn lessons will incorporate Veterinarian and Farrier “clinics”, where we go through and discuss different ailments and issues and the proper way to care and treat. We’ll review and discuss video replays from riding lessons on our PIVO riding recorder. We’ll get creative with equine inspired arts and crafts in our air conditioned lounge, followed by water fun which includes slip-and-slide, water balloons, and swimming! Each participant will get a Westridge t-shirt and we encourage parents to join for pictures Friday between 2-4PM!


2022 Dates:

  • June 6-10
  • July 25-29

Ages: 7-13
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm
Location: 20215 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs

What to Bring:

Helmets will be provided, but we require campers to have:

  • Leggings or jeans
  • Closed toed shoes (preferably some kind of boot with low heel)
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for afternoon activities
  • Packed lunch, snacks, and water bottle. We have a water cooler that the kids can refill their bottles to make sure they’re hydrated.
  • Carrots & Apples for the horses!


Each day students will participate in a private semi/private riding lesson, barn lesson/clinic and will enjoy a variety of activities listed below after lunch.

Monday Funday:
Students will be given a study packet that we will go through, and highlight what’s expected for our Westridge pageant! We will then break up into two teams to paint the horses anatomy, and watch it in action. Prizes for most accurate representation! 


Tu-Tu Tuesday:
 Students will be making their very own Tutu from scratch to be worn in our pageant on Friday! Feel free to bring anything extra (Rhinestones, feathers, etc) to add extra flare to your Tutu!


Westridge Wednesday: 
Westridge T-Shirts will be handed out and a Westridge inspired Arts & Crafts project with students favorite horse as the centerpiece! 


Thirsty Thursday
A surprise water sports activity to cool off after a long week complete with an Ice Cream sundae bar!


Fancy Friday
Students will be given a study packet, as well as hands on training and clinics throughout the week and tested on the information they’ve learned Friday in a three phase competition: Horsemanship Test, Written Test, and Personality & Poise. Participants will be separated into one of two categories based on their prior riding experience. Participants will be crowned WRF Princess/Prince & WRF Jr. Princess/Prince based on total points received in each phase. (200 Points Possible) There will also be prizes for those that scored the highest in each phase.

Westridge Equestrian Pageant:

Attire: Tutu’s & Westridge T-Shirt (provided)


9:30- Written Test (60 points)
Students will be quizzed on the information provided in their study packet by a multiple choice written test.


10:30- Horsemanship Test (80 points) 
A riding pattern will be provided Monday to participants to study, that is to be performed Friday, and judged on the execution of the pattern, equitation, and overall performance. (All riders will use the same horse for their division). 


1:00- Lunch


2:00- Personality & Poise (60 points)
Students will be asked 4-5 questions about their love for horses and their experience that week and judged on their delivery, poise, and confidence by a guest judge. 


Proceeding the completion of our P&P the WRF Princess & WRF Jr Princess will be crowned, and individual awards for Miss Written Test, Miss Horsemanship, and Miss Personality & Poise as well as the Camper of the Week! 

Sign Up


Cost: $600.00 per camper
Deposit: $150 required to secure spot | 1 week notice of cancellation required to receive deposit back, otherwise forfeited

Payment can be sent via Venmo to @christine-rishell