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  • 14 x 14 Box Stall


Free choice coastal hay (Alfalfa available for an additional fee)
A variety of quality grain, individually selected, and fed 2-3 times per day
Feeding of owner provided supplements
Generously bedded stalls cleaned twice daily, 7 days per week
Fans in the warm months
Daily Hoof Picking
Laundry Service
7 days a week of daily turn out (weather permitting) in one of our gorgeous pastures!

Alfalfa available for an additional fee


  • Full Training

    Our Full Training program offers our clients 4 services per week (16/month) tailored to the horse and riders’ needs. These services include: Lessons, Training rides, Pessoa, Lunging, Hand Walking etc. Administering monthly medicine, Blanketing, Organizing Veterinarian, Chiropractor, and Farrier appointments are all complementary, too.

  • Full Service Tacking & Grooming

    Monthly Fee

  • Training Ride

  • Pessoa, Lunging and Handwalking


Please note that training rate will be billed at the beginning of the month, and additional services included in your next months’ invoice.


  • Lesson on a Westridge School Horse

  • Lesson Package (4 Sessions)

    ($20 Discount)No refunds on lesson packages

  • Introductory Lesson

    Introductory lessons allow new equestrians the ability to spend extra time learning where equipment is located, grooming, how to tack up and untack, etc. Riders are required to participate in these lessons until the rider (or parent) are educated and confident enough to prepare themselves for their lesson on their own.


Cancellation Policy: Out of consideration for our trainers’ busy schedules, please provide a 24-hour notice if you wish to reschedule your lesson. Provided that circumstances are not extenuating, client will be billed as necessary.

Sale, Purchase & Lease

Westridge is happy to help you find your dream horse! a 15% commission (or minimum of $1,000), is due upon sale, purchase, or lease of a horse or pony. If negotiated within the barn, a 15% commission is due split between parties.